Types of Diseases Transmitted by Ticks

Ticks cause many different diseases that they can transmit to humans when they bite. Anyone who goes outdoors and comes into contact with an infected tick can develop any of the diseases, which include:

·    Anaplasmosis: This disease is transmitted from the blacklegged tick and is found in the western and northwestern U.S.

·    Babesiosis: This disease causes parasites to infect red blood cells. The blacklegged tick is responsible for most of these infections.

·    Borrelia mayonii: Fond in the Midwest United States, this is the only species known to cause Lyme disease.

·    Bourbon Virus: This infection is found in the southern and Midwestern U.S.

·    Colorado Tick Fever: Transmitted by the Rocky Mountain wood tick in states with 4,000+ higher elevations.

·    Ehrlichiosis: Transmitted by the lone star tick. This tick is found most commonly in eastern and south-central U.S.

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·    Heartland Virus: This virus is transmitted by the lone star tick.

·    Lyme Disease: Transmitted by blacklegged ticks found in upper Midwestern and northeastern U.S. states.

·    Powassan disease: Another disease transmitted by the blacklegged tick.

·    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Transmitted by the American dog tick and the brown dog tick, this disease is found in South and Central Americas.

·    Tick Borne Relapsing Fever: TBRF is transmitted through soft tick bites. A total of 15 states have reported this condition, including Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Texas.

This is not a complete list of the diseases and viruses that ticks transmit but among the most common. You can prevent tick bites and risk of these diseases and viruses by protecting yourself against the pest. Schedule residential tick control druid hills to protect your home. When you go outdoors, wear long sleeves and inspect yourself once you come back inside. Ticks are parasites that are ready to devour your blood. Don’t give them a chance and protect yourself against ticks!